Muthai River Walk

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Take a stroll along the river with us and you will be transported to the glorious past of the river.

 – An initiative of Janwani and Jeevitnadi

Volunteers shall unfold the history of Pune city before you as you take the walk – find out about the early settlers, about how the city slowly established along the banks of Mutha, about the various landmarks and their associated events, about the river ecology, about Mutha’s course from origin till confluence, in short, experience how the river used to be, is and much more. This activity will commence on 4th October & shall continue every Sunday for 6 months.

Every Sunday. See the schedule here.

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Time: 6.45am to 8.30am

Charges: Rs 100 (Adults) and Rs 50 (Senior Citizens and Students)

Location : Assembly is at one of the 14 ghats (flight of steps leading down to the river) that were built – Siddheshwar Temple Ghat. This ghat is located on Congress House road, next to Sawarkar Bhavan which is near Balgandharva bridge or Maharshi Shinde bridge.

For queries contact and registration, contact: [email protected] or [email protected] (Give your name & contact no.)

A Living River for a Living City!