Virasat Pune Club

for Heritage Enthusiasts

The Club is a great way to visit new places, meet interesting people, know their work and explore Pune. Janwani, through the Virasat Pune Club, will organise exciting activities for the Club members throughout the year. Write to [email protected] for more information.

 Our most recent activity:

Discover Trees of Pune,  a cycle ride – 24 April 2016

Discover Trees of Pune Cycle Ride
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Virasat Pune Club organised the Discover Trees of Pune Cycle Ride to commemorate Earth Day. The theme for 2016 was Trees for Earth. Spring/Summer in the Pune means that most of the trees are flowering and fruiting. The weather was pleasant and on the 13 Km ride, we saw a great assortment of trees, creepers, shrubs, ornamentals, and even birds feasting on the fruit of a Ficus religiosa!